Rye Creek Material

Material collected at Rye Creek
P01  These are some orange size pieces with both red and black streaks. P02  This is the cleaned up specimen that I dug from the Creek bed at the second site. P03  This is a shot of some of the material that is available in the Creek bed. P04  Another photo of the red and black Jasper that is available.
P05  This is an excellent example of the variation of red and black. This piece is about the size of football. P06  This photo is looking down the Creek to the left of the second collecting site. The wet specimens in the first two photos came from this area. P07  Here is a specimen located at the second collecting site which is almost 2 feet wide and two large to handle. P08  This is a really nice piece that I spent about 20 minutes digging out of the Creek bed.
P09  This is another photo of the really nice piece that I dug up.